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Our specialty has always been custom hardwood floors for commercial and residential clients. We take tremendous pride in our work and strive to complete every project on time, on budget, and to your complete satisfaction. Give us a call today for your free in-home consultation!

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What is Stair Nosing?

Stair nosing is the projecting edge of a step that extends horizontally. It is a part of the tread of a step which protrudes beyond the riser.

Nosing makes walking up and down your stairs more comfortable, and it can reduce slips and falls. The nosing bears the most foot traffic, so it is important to have it installed correctly.

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Our Process

A Unique Approach

We install stair nosing differently than many other companies. Our process is proven to stay in place longer and provide a stable, more durable step.

We take pride in making products that last, and our stair nosing can handle anything that life throws at it. Click below to get all the details about our unique process.

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