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What Makes Our Stair Nosing Unique?

Rather than try to match the tread of your stairs with premade, cheap-looking stair nosing, Driftwood actually creates custom nosing from the Luxury Vinyl Planks (LVP) that you choose. This means that the entire tread of each step is crafted from the same material, and the nosing will always match.

These custom pieces give our team the ability to adjust the floor to fit around the nosing. We bend the vinyl planks into a specific shape that fits around a solid piece of wood underneath of it. Constructing steps this way guarantees that there is no chance of tongue failure.

Custom stair nosing is also desirable because it remains perfectly flush with the rest of the tread. There are no gaps or bumps between the tread and the nosing, and a smooth step surface means there is nothing to trip on.

Not only does our custom nosing ensure that your stairs will have a uniform appearance, it is essential for a safer, more durable staircase that will last for years to come.

Step Construction with Custom Nosing

step construction diagram